About our farm

GRUPO YAZIK was born in 2017, as a result of the analysis of the global food market and the new demands that this demands.

In YAZIK GROUP we are dedicated to the export of fresh products of agricultural origin to various parts of the world. Our goal is to have the efficiency and speed in the arrival of the products to their final destination, as well as an excellent quality of the same.

In GRUPO YAZIK we have our own producers that give us favorable alliances, in order to ensure their loyalty and good price, GRUPO YAZIK applies a novel system of agreements with producers, aspects that characterize us in the commercial field. Thus guaranteeing continuous marketing without relying on price fluctuations in other markets and being competitive with other export companies. This type of alliances brings us an excellent approach with producers and cooperatives in the field making large contributions to rural development.

In the Dominican Republic there are many companies that already export to different countries worldwide, but the YAZIK GROUP opens borders by innovating in numbers and relationships commercial, opening new markets of great potential. Our international agreements are world first in the field of fruit and vegetable exports.

An example of this is our latest agreements with the International Business Council of Liaison with the Eurasian Economic Commission (CEIE-EEC.ORG) We have all the current export permits and thus guarantee trade agreements reached with different countries.

For YAZIK GROUP the relationships and strategic agreements with our producers and customers are a continuous policy of operational development, reflecting security meetings and confidence in the commercial negotiations.

YAZIK GROUP is composed of a human capital committed to the company obtaining excellent commercial alliances in the international arena, with The full confidence of exporting the best fruits of the Dominican Republic to the world. Opening new agreements for the continuous development of farmers in the field to strategic alliances with international associations and companies, making clear the commitment of GRUPO YAZIK with the Dominican Republic.

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